Protecto Wrap 6000 Primer

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Protecto Wrap 6000 Primer

Protecto Wrap 6000 Primer is a high tack water based primer concentrate for interior applications. It is VOC compliant. Product should be stored at 40°F or above; do not allow primer to freeze. Use with Protecto Wrap anti fracture membrane.


  • Apply primer to all surfaces by roller or brush.
  • The primer must be allowed to fully dry before installation of the product – do not cover wet primer. When fully cured, it will feel tacky to the touch, but will not come off the surface.
  • Prime only as much area as can be covered in half a day’s work. Re-prime areas not covered in half a day’s work with a light coat of 6000 Primer.


For interior applications up to 500 square feet per gallon (depending on porosity of the substrate)