Laticrete Strata_Heat Thermal Pack

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Laticrete Strata_Heat Thermal Pack

Available only from Laticrete, Strata_Heat Thermal Pack is a patent-pending additive designed exclusively for use in select Laticrete adhesives. Utilizing Thermal Diffusion Technology, heat generated from the Strata_Heat Wire is uniformly distributed throughout the adhesive, providing faster floor heat-up and a more comfortable and energy-efficient installation!

By adding the STRATA_HEAT THERMAL PACK additive to LATICRETE modified thin-set, you get uniform heat diffusion throughout!


  • Heat Conductive Thinset Additive to be used exclusively with LATICRETE Thinsets (253, 254 and 4-XLT).
  • Mix (2) THERMAL PACKS for 50lb. (22.7 kg) of thinset and mix with the appropriate amount of water.
  • Minimizes cold spots between wires making floors more comfortable
  • Reduces thermostat cycle times
  • Pays for itself in a matter of months


  • Increases thermal heat transfusion by 20% Wires transfer heat quicker, shutting down the system sooner, reducing energy costs by 15%
  • Eliminates cold spots between wires- thermal heat diffusion is increased by 20% - providing warmth for more comfort
  • Reduces energy costs by 15% - since heat is transferred faster and more uniformly to achieve desired floor temp - number of heating cycles are reduced, saves money
  • Economical and energy efficient- Strata_Heat Thermal Pack pays for itself in months by lowering electrical utilization costs
  • Lowers kilowatt usage – saves homeowner on electric bills

Suitable Substrates:

  • Please refer to the appropriate Data Sheet for our recommended thinsets for suitable substrates.
  • 253 Gold (DS-296.0)
  • 254 Platinum (DS-677.0)
  • 4-XLT (DS-080.0)


  • Each 3 lb. bag contains (2) THERMAL PACKS

Approximate Coverage:

  • Please refer to the appropriate Data Sheet for our recommended thinsets for coverage information.
  • 253 Gold (DS-296.0)
  • 254 Platinum (DS-677.0)
  • 4-XLT (DS-080.0)

Laticrete Strata_Heat Thermal Pack Data Sheet
Laticrete Thermal Pack Safety Data SHeet