Laticrete Strata Heat Mat

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Laticrete Strata Heat Mat

Experience the ultimate combination of comfort and durability with the Laticrete Strata Heat Mat. This innovative mat combines the cozy luxury of floor heating wire with the functional advantages of an uncoupling membrane, creating an efficient floor heating system that homeowners will adore.

The Strata_Heat Mat not only enhances the comfort of your floors but also speeds up the drying of the mortar, allowing for a shorter time to grout. It is specifically designed for use with both modified and unmodified mortars, offering flexibility in its application.

With improved bond strength compared to its predecessor and superior point load capacity, this mat is built for longevity. It's designed to work seamlessly with Strata_Heat wire, mat, and thermostats, providing a luxurious and comfortable living space. The mat offers different variations of spacing for customized comfort and coverage.

During installation, the Strata_Heat Mat creates a mechanical bond between the mat and adhesive mortar. This bond allows the mortar to cure faster, creating a stronger bond of tile for a faster grouting time. The mat also manages vapor and relieves stress from tile installations, eliminating substrate cracks of up to 1/8".

Another noteworthy feature of this mat is its transparency during installation. Installers can see mortar coverage underneath the mat without having to move it, ensuring clear and precise tile installation. It provides an easily visible surface for laying chalk or other preferred tile setting accessories.

The Laticrete Strata Heat Mat is compatible with a variety of substrates, including concrete, mortar bed, oriented strand board (OSB), exterior glue plywood, cement backer board, cement terrazzo, resilient flooring, existing tile or stone, and gypsum underlayment or lightweight concrete. Elevate your home with the comfort and durability of the Laticrete Strata Heat Mat, a prime choice for a superior floor heating system.

Laticrete Strata Heat Mat Spec Sheet