Laticrete Strata_Heat Wires 120V

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Laticrete Strata_Heat Wires 120V

Laticrete Strata_Heat Wire is a versatile floor warming wire system designed for use under many types of finished floor coverings to provide luxury and comfort. Designed for use with Strata_Heat Thermostat, Strata_Heat Mat and Strata_Heat Spacing Strips.

Laticrete Strata_Heat

The Laticrete Strata_Heat floor heating system is the most advanced radiant floor heating system available in the world. Consisting of a high performance floor heating wire, an uncoupling mat, a Wi-Fi enabled or programmable thermostat and the world’s first heat conductive thin-set additive – the system provides you with the most advanced and efficient floor heating system for your next installation.

Uniformity and energy effiency all in one floor heating system Highest quality floor heating installation available LATICRETE helps you design the space for your heated floors using our free, simple to use floor warming layout tool which makes adding radiant floor heating easy.

Laticrete Strata_Heat is part of the LATICRETE Lifetime System Warranty – providing you one source, one warranty from the substrate to the grout – no other company can match the innovative features or offer such a comprehensive line of products.


  • Component of LATICRETE Lifetime System Warranty.
  • Multiple spacing options allow for variability in heat output.
  • This appliance wiring material component is recognized by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) Representative samples have been evaluated by UL and meet applicable UL requirements.

Suitable Substrates (Interior Horizontal Surfaces Only)

  • HYDRO BAN Board
  • Concrete†
  • Mortar Beds
  • Exterior Glue Plywood*
  • Existing Ceramic Tile and Stone
  • Cement Terrazzo
  • Cement Backer Board

* Over TCNA approved constructs using plastic lath when using portland cement based self-leveling underlayments.
† Use 170 Sound & Crack Isolation Mat under STRATA_HEAT Wire as a thermal barrier to prevent heat loss.

Wire Data Sheet

Installation Manual

Wire Spacing Chart

Joint Repair Guide

Technical Specifications

Model Number Area sq. ft.
(@3.5" spacing)
Length ft. Wattage (W) Amps (A) Resistance
0802-0050-2 15 50 195 1.6 73.8
0802-0067-2 20 67 260 2.2 55.4
0802-0133-2 40 133 525 4.4 27.4
0802-0166-2 50 166 655 5.5 22.0
0802-0233-2 70 233 920 7.7 15.6
0802-0299-2 90 299 1180 9.8 12.2
0802-0365-2 110 365 1445 12.0 10.0