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StoneTech Enhancer Pro Sealer


StoneTech Professional Enhancer Pro Sealer provides heavy duty protection against tough oil and water-based stains. This solvent-based product will also enrich the color of your natural stone. StoneTech Enhancer Pro Sealer is ideal for use on natural stone such as limestone, slate, travertine, sandstone, flagstone, tumbled stone, flamed stone & textured stone, masonry & concrete.

To maintain your stone’s natural beauty, clean surface as needed with StoneTech Revitalizer Cleaner and Protector or Stone & Tile Cleaner.

Features and Benefits:

  • Enriches color
  • Heavy duty protection against most stains
  • Solvent-based, interior & exterior applications

For Professional Use Only

For an easier-to-use, water-based technology we recommend StoneTech Enhancer Sealer.

Where to Use:

Natural stone such as limestone, slate, travertine, sandstone, flagstone, tumbled stone, flamed stone & textured stone. Masonry & concrete.

Expected Wear:

3 - 5 years


  • Pint: 20 - 55 sq ft
  • Quart: 40 - 115 sq ft
  • Gallon*: 150 - 450 sq ft (VOC Restricted)
  • 5 Gallon*: 750 - 2,250 sq ft (VOC Restricted)


Read entire label before using StoneTech Enhancer Pro Sealer. Use only as directed. Always test in a small inconspicuous area with a 24-hour cure time to determine ease of application and desired results. Allow new grout installations to cure for a minimum of 72 hours prior to application. Make sure surface is clean, free of waxes, coatings, and previous sealers, and is dry for 24–72 hours.

Surface temperature should be between 50°F and 80°F. Ensure that the area is well-ventilated during application and until the surface is dry. Keep children and pets out of the area until foot traffic resumes.

1. Mask off any surfaces not intended to be treated.

2. Liberally apply an even coat using a paint pad, roller, brush, or pump-up garden sprayer. Do not use a power sprayer, towel, or sponge for application. Do not thin before using. See Method of Application for more instructions.

3. Allow StoneTech Enhancer Pro Sealer to penetrate surface for 15–20 minutes. Denser material may require more time to penetrate. DO NOT ALLOW EXCESS SEALER TO DRY ON SURFACE. Failure to remove excess sealer from surface may result in residue that may need to be mechanically removed.

4. Thoroughly wipe surface with multiple dry cloths to remove all excess sealer.

5. A second coat may be needed for more absorbent surfaces. If darker appearance is required, StoneTech Enhancer Pro Sealer should be applied one hour after initial application, as directed in steps 2–4.

6. Full cure is achieved after 24–72 hours. Avoid foot traffic for 6–8 hours after application. If foot traffic must resume sooner, cover the floor with red rosin paper to protect it until full cure has been achieved. Red rosin paper is not needed to apply second coat.

7. Clean equipment with mineral spirits. Rags and equipment that are wet with product may be flammable. Clean up promptly after job is complete. Clean equipment with mineral spirits and allow to dry in a well-ventilated area. Allow rags to dry in a well-ventilated area out of reach of children and pets. When dry, dispose of in accordance with local waste disposal regulations .

Method of Application:

For small jobs, use a paint pad, roller, or brush. For larger jobs, use a pump-up garden sprayer available at your local garden center, hardware store, or home improvement center. Do not use a power sprayer with StoneTech Enhancer Pro Sealer. Power sprayers create a significant amount of overspray, resulting in wasted product and the need for additional clean-up.

A pump-up garden sprayer will reduce the potential for over-exposure to vapors and produce better results. Ensure that the area is well-ventilated during application and until the surface is dry to the touch. Keep children and pets out of the area until foot traffic resumes.

StoneTech Enhancer Pro Sealer Technical Data Sheet

StoneTech Enhancer Pro Sealer Safety Data Sheet

25 Year LATICRETE STONETECH Product Warranty (English)



  • 4
    Works exactly as advertised

    Posted by Matthias Schwarz

    Used the Enhancer Pro to seal granite on a kitchen peninsula/bar that is identical in pattern but a shade lighter in color than the previously installed granite kitchen counter tops. Product did the job amazingly well - sealed the top thoroughly by being professional-grade and solvent-based, plus it truly made the colors "pop" and enhanced the contrast, darkened the tone, and increased the shine. Why no 5 stars? Simply put, DuPont likely has a 10,000% profit margin on this splash of chemically enhanced juice -- no matter how well it works, paying $35 for a pint and another $15 for 2-day shipping (which turned into next-day processing, plus two weekend days, plus two days = 5 days!!!) is simply ridiculous.

  • 5
    Great product!

    Posted by MARGARET H.

    Quick shipping and reasonable prices, definitely will do business again

  • 5

    Posted by Helen Sun

    As described. Have not used it yet, but super fast Shipping.

  • 3
    Great Price - Slow Delivery

    Posted by Zeljko Markovic

    Can't beat the prices offered here. Delivery is a tad slow - received two separate shipments at much different dates despite only placing one order . Luckily I wasn't in a rush so it was not detrimental to my business . Will use again

  • 5
    Enhancer Pro Sealer use

    Posted by Danny Miller

    I bought a house that's approximately 7 years old. They used slate in several places, particularly a full-size stand up shower that had slate on walls and floor. Noticed that whatever the builder used was worn off on the bottom third of the shower walls and fully off on the floor and that what was likely used was the Enhancer Sealer Pro as it was described. I scrubbed it all down using Klenz All and the Mold and Mildew Stain Remover, and also used Purple Power to get off stubborn soap scum along with a little TSP. I also followed up with wiping down everything with isopropyl alcohol to make sure all residue was gone. Then I put 5 coats on all surfaces. Very shiny and beautiful now. Very satisfied. The price I got at Stonetooling was dead-bang great. Will use again.