Rubi Tools 7/8" (22mm) Extreme Scoring Wheel for TX, TZ-MAX Cutters

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Rubi Tools 7/8" (22mm) Extreme Scoring Wheel for TX, TZ-MAX Cutters

Boost the quality of your tile cutting tasks with the Rubi Tools 7/8" (22mm) Extreme Scoring Wheel, designed explicitly for TX and TZ-MAX Cutters. This scoring wheel's exclusive machining and sharpening process ensures exceptional quality when scoring ceramic tiles, even those with rough surface finishes or structured tiles of high hardness.

Ideal for professional use, this scoring wheel is particularly effective on materials simulating irregular textures in their surface finishes. With its tungsten carbide construction and superficial titanium treatment, it promises long-lasting durability and superior performance, making it a reliable choice for all your tiling needs.

Moreover, the handle of this scoring wheel is designed with patented geometry, ensuring maximum precision and minimal vibration during use. This enhances user comfort and control, contributing to the quality of your finished work.


  • Ideal for sharp cuttings in hard ceramics with rough or structured surfaces
  • Tungsten Carbide scoring wheel with a superficial Titanium treatment for enhanced durability
  • Patented handle geometry ensures maximum precision and minimum vibration
  • Promises extra-long life for prolonged utility

Equip your TX and TZ-MAX cutters with the Rubi Tools 7/8" (22mm) Extreme Scoring Wheel and experience professional-level precision and durability. Designed to tackle hard ceramics with irregular textures or structured surfaces, this scoring wheel ensures sharp cuttings and minimal vibration, elevating the quality and efficiency of your work.