Merkrete Hydro Guard SP-1 - 5 Gallon

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Hydro Guard SP-1 - 5 Gallon

Upgrade your waterproofing game with Merkrete Hydro Guard SP-1, a fast-drying, thin, load-bearing waterproof and crack isolation membrane made from modified elastomeric copolymers. Experience superior elongation, adhesion, and strength properties as Hydro Guard SP-1 delivers a 100% waterproof membrane, effectively limiting the transfer of substrate cracks to your finished ceramic or stone tile surface. Apply the liquid-state membrane to virtually any form or irregular shape to create a monolithic waterproof barrier.

Ideal for commercial buildings, residential housing, and other areas requiring robust waterproofing, Hydro Guard SP-1 shines in various applications such as pools, fountains, spas, hot tubs, kitchens, countertops, balconies, tub surrounds, shower stalls, and pans. Install this versatile membrane under terrazzo, quarry, ceramic, or stone tile, over any sound substrate, vertically or horizontally, inside or outside.

Hydro Guard SP-1 is compatible with a wide range of substrates, including brick masonry, cement backer board (interiors only), cement mortar beds, cement terrazzo, ceramic and stone, concrete, exterior-grade plywood, gypsum drywall, gypsum mortar bed, and oriented strand board.

Featuring low VOC and meeting SCAQMD Rule 1113 when using Parex USA Non-VOC Colorants, this eco-friendly membrane boasts built-in antimicrobial properties for mold and mildew resistance at the substrate. Perform a water (flood) test after just 4-6 hours of curing (70° F, 50% R.H.), and enjoy minimal interference with elevations due to its thin-section design. Hydro Guard SP-1 bonds directly to metal, PVC, stainless steel, and ABS drains, adhering to all common surfaces.

Quick to install and cure in 2-4 hours (70° F, 50% R.H.), this fast-drying membrane permits foot traffic in just 2-4 hours. Surpassing ANSI A118.10 and A118.12 membrane requirements, Hydro Guard SP-1 is easy to apply with a trowel, airless sprayer, paint brush, or roller. Turn it up for base flashing or apply it to walls for wainscot or shower wall applications, and enjoy crack isolation up to 1/8". Trust Merkrete Hydro Guard SP-1 for unmatched waterproofing and crack isolation performance in all your projects


  • 5 Gallon

Hydro Guard SP-1 Safety Data Sheet

Hydro Guard SP-1 Technical Data Sheet