Merkrete Fracture Guard FD

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Merkrete Fracture Guard FD

Look no further than the Merkrete Fracture Guard FD. This fast-drying, liquid-applied membrane is perfect for both residential and commercial applications. Its thin section and exceptional elongation properties inhibit the transfer of cracks from the substrate to the finished ceramic, porcelain, or stone tile surface.

Merkrete Fracture Guard FD is designed for seamless installation over any sound substrate typically suitable for receiving ceramic, quarry, porcelain, and stone tiles. The membrane's semifluid state allows it to easily conform to any form or irregular shape, ensuring a secure and even application.

When you use Merkrete Fracture Guard FD in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, you can expect unparalleled protection against shrinkage and nonstructural cracks caused by horizontal movement in tile and stone finishes.

Don't settle for less when it comes to the longevity and appearance of your tile projects. Choose the Merkrete Fracture Guard FD crack isolation membrane and experience unparalleled performance and durability.

Suitable Substrates

• Brick masonry
• Cement backer board
• Cement mortar beds
• Cement terrazzo
• Ceramic and stone
• Concrete
• Exterior-grade plywood
• Gypsum drywall
• Gypsum mortar bed
• Oriented strand board

Merkrete Fracture Guard FD Safety Data Sheet

Merkrete Fracture Guard FD Technical Data Sheet