IMER Combicut 350 iPower Stone & Paver Saw w/ Stand

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IMER Combicut 350 iPower Stone & Paver Saw w/Stand

The Imer Combicut 350/1200 iPower is the latest version of Imer's portable production tile, stone and masonry saw. Equipped with a 4 hp motor combined with the laser guide, cuts are made quickly and accurately. Cut 24" x 24" pavers on a diagonal, 48" pieces of marble and granite up to 4-3/4" in depth.

The Combicut iPower saw is also user-friendly, with features such as collapsible legs, sound proofing inside blade guard, locking drive shaft and easy release blade guard for quick blade replacement. Because of the collapsible legs and built in casters, the saw is transportable by a single person. The travel bar is made of extruded aluminum which has been specifically contoured for our nylon roller with bearing system. This new roller system requires less maintenance, and when years of heavy use, should replacement be needed, it is much easier and faster than ever before.


  • Blade Capacity: 14"
  • Blade shaft size: 1"
  • Cutting length (w/ plunge cut): 41-1/2" (47-1/4")
  • Cutting depth: 4-3/4" / 2/1/4"
  • Motor rating: 4 hp 220v, 15 amp, Single Phase
  • Motor Speed: 2800 RPM
  • Water Pan Capacity: 9 gal
  • Weight 265 lbs - Crated 395 lbs
  • Manufacturer Part # 1188931

What's Included:

  • 14" general purpose blade
  • Intergrated stand with wheel kit (springloaded for fast set up)
  • Protractor with 180º
  • High flow water pump
  • Stainless steel cutting surface (48" cutting length)
  • High impact removable poly water pan with baffle

IMER Combicut 350 iPower Stone and Paver Saw User Manual
IMER Combicut 350 iPower Stone and Paver Saw Product Sheet