Imer Combi 250/1000 Water Pump

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Imer Combi 250/1000 Water Pump

Upgrade your tile saw with the Imer Combi 250/1000 Replacement Water Pump. Specifically designed to fit the Combi 200VA, 250VA, and 250/1000VA Tile Saws, this water pump provides optimal performance for your cutting needs.

Benefit from a streamlined cutting process as this pump assures a steady, consistent water flow, reducing the heat generated during cutting, and minimizing dust. It's also compatible with older Imer 250V model tile saws, making it a versatile choice for your equipment upgrades.

The Imer Combi 250/1000 Water Pump is a reliable and efficient solution to keep your tile saws functioning at their best. For a powerful and seamless cutting experience, trust in the quality and durability of this replacement water pump.