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Alpha® Ceramica Resin discs are the backbone of the polishing process. Designed for wet use, these high performance discs provide the best possible professional polish on the curved edges of granite. The polish obtained from using these discs is usually higher than the original factory polish. Fabricators achieve excellent results consistently and are unable to match the results with any other polishing system. Tile contractors are impressed by the variety of applications in which Alpha® Ceramica Resin discs can be used. Monumentalists love the polish they can achieve. Heat sintered in a mold with a durable resin compound, these discs are extremely flexible with consistent performance. Alpha® Ceramica Resin discs are the best in the industry and are cost-effective versus the alternatives. Part#GP50450R
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What materials can I use Ceramica Resin on?
A: Ceramica Resin is designed for use on granite only.
Q: Why do I need to use the 60 Grit Ceramica Vitrified or Metal Bond disc?
A: The 60 grit Ceramica Vitrified disc is necessary to remove saw marks and grinding marks. If the 60 grit disc is not used, the 150 grit will have to work exceedingly harder than necessary and will have a reduced life.
Q: Can I use Ceramica Resin discs on my Makita tool?
A: Alpha® Ceramica Resin is designed to be used wet and at a low RPM. Ordinary angle grinders are much too fast and will cause the discs to burn. Only a water-feed machine will supply enough water to the Ceramica Resin discs. Do not try to run on high-speed machines that run above 4,000 RPM.

Made in Japan.
Information about Pad/Buff (Sold seperately):
Alpha® 5" Ceramica Polishing Pad/Buff is for wet granite hand polishing and is the key to the difference from a standard polished edge to a deep glossy finish. Unlike the rest of the Alpha® Ceramica product line, a large amount of water is not required. The utilization of a natural process to bring out the glossy shine is exclusive to these pads. By using this disc in your polishing process, no dangerous chemicals are necessary to achieve a high final polish. Fabricators easily achieve superior results with the Alpha® Ceramica Buff. Tile contractors are amazed by the difference between a polished edge and the super gloss that only Alpha® Ceramica Buff provides. Item# GP5Black & BP5White