Akemi Acryclean Silicone Remover

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Akemi Acryclean Silicone Remover

 Key Features:

  • Deposits Dissolved: Say goodbye to pesky deposits of silicone, grease, and oil with our potent cleaning solution.
  • Pre-Gluing Excellence: Achieve superior bonding by degreasing and cleaning surfaces before your gluing, sealing, or coating projects.
  • Adhesive Residue Removal: Effortlessly remove tapes, stickers, and foils from ceramics and polished natural stone without damaging surfaces.

Cleaning Mastery: Prepare your surfaces for perfection. This cleaning solution works wonders on a range of surface finishes, from rough to polished:

  • Rough
  • Fine-ground
  • Ground
  • Satinated
  • Bush-hammered
  • Sand blasted
  • Antique
  • Sawn
  • Rough sawn
  • Polished
  • Flamed


  • Proven Performance: Trusted by professionals for its effectiveness in removing deposits and enhancing surface adhesion.
  • Comprehensive Compatibility: Ideal for various materials including natural stone, ceramics, quartz, and glass.
  • Bathroom Brilliance: Elevate your bathroom and sanitary spaces with spotless surfaces that gleam with cleanliness.

Application Made Easy:

  • Method: Manual application allows you to target specific areas with precision.
  • Concentration: Ready-to-use formula ensures convenience and hassle-free application.