Akemi Darkener Super, 1 Liter

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Stone Enhancer- Akemi Darkener Super

Akemi Darkener Super is a solvent-based special impregnator, containing reactive modified silicates that is perfect for concealing scratches and imperfections on darker-colored stones. It is absorbed by the pores through the capillary forces of the stone. Use Akemi Darkener Super Stone Enhancer indoors or outdoors on all finishes to intensify the natural color without leaving residue.
Instructions for use:

1. Surface must be clean, totally dry and free from all residues. Ensure that outdoor stone does not contain any detrimental salts (nitrates, sulphates, chlorides) because these can reduce the absorption of the impregnating material. Depending on the type of stone and the degree of soiling, the following products are recommended (see techinical sheets for proper use) : Akemi Stone Cleaner, Akemi Concrete Film Remover, Akemi Rust Remover, Akemi Algae and Mildew Remover, Akemi Wax Stripper, Akemi Oil and Grease Remover Paste, Akemi Graffitti Remover. Rinse all surfaces well after cleaning. The stone must be completely dry (1-2 days) before treating with darkener super. Optimal working temperature is 15-25c (59-77f). Ensure protection from rain for approximately 4-5 hours.

2. Apply undiluted with a brush, paint roller or spraying device. Apply a thin, smooth layer allowing sufficient time for the product to be absorbed in the stone.

3. Approximately 10-15 minutes after application, remove excess completely with an absorbent cloth.

4. On very absorbent surfaces, several applications may be necessary. (Not suitable for glazed or non-absorbent surfaces.)
When used as directed 1 liter will cover approximately 10-20 sq. meters.