Silca System - Silca Grate 16" x 18.25" X 1.5" Piece

Silca System
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Silca System - Silca Grate 16" x 18.25" X 1.5" Piece

More and more people are growing tired of maintaining and rebuilding their wooden decks. Stain, waterproof, repeat at least once a year. Every time you have to stain and water proof your deck, you are putting money into it that you will probably not get back in the future. But, what can you do? Silca System ® has the solution that will enable you to take your ordinary deck and make it extraordinary!

Silca System’s ® Silca Grate™, an American-made product, is ideal for applications where decking materials like lumber or composite lumber would have otherwise been the only choice. When connected to wood floor joists, Silca Grate™ grids provide a substructure (sub-floor) for a wide variety of decking materials: stone, brick pavers, slate, travertine pavers, marble, granite.

Silca Grate™ grids measure 16×18” (2 square feet) and are composed of durable 1 1/2” thick engineered polymer. Not only is Silca Grate™ suitable for elevated decks and patios, but it can be used for ground applications, porches, bridges, pool decks, rooftop decks, and more! How is it possible, you wonder? The 2” diameter honeycombs on the Silca Grate™ grids offer 360 degrees of solid support, allowing Silca Grate™ to not only meet residential and commercial building codes, but to exceed them.

Because it is engineered for strength and easy installation, this durable outdoor flooring makes it possible for residential do it yourself, as well as commercial architects, designers and builders, to create a new, exciting outdoor living space! At the end of the day, Silca System ® enhances your outdoor living experience with an attractive, long lasting, low maintenance deck.

The Silca System Grid can be combined with the Bison Level.It System to create raised decks that are popular in commercials settings such as rooftops.

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