Bison Level.It Adjustable Pedestal - LC-18 & LC-316

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Bison Level.It System Adjustable Deck Pedestals Model LC-18 & LC-316 have a height range from 2" - 4-3/4".The Bison Level.It System adjustable deck supports are the simple solution to your decking needs! The Bison Deck can be used on rooftops, balconies, cracked concrete patios, even on-grade! This innovative elevated deck solution works with any surface material, from wood tiles, traditional stringer and plank decks, natural stone, composites or concrete. The Bison Level.It is ideal for both contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners.

  • Height range from 2" - 4-3/4".
  • Adjustable Deck Pedestals* (select 1/8" or 3/16" tab size)
  • Model: LC-18 Level.It Adjustable Pedestal with 1/8" (3.175 mm) Tab
  • Model: LC-316 Level.It Adjustable Pedestal with 3/16" (4.5 mm) Tab
  • Note: Bison recommends 3/16" tabs when using Bison Wood Tiles.
  • Combine Bison Level.It System with Silca System Grate to create raised stone and tile decks!

CLICK HERE: Silca System Grate

Level.It Cut Sheet
Level.It Specifications

Environmentally Friendly
Bison Level.It pedestals are made with 20% post-industrial recycled content and are 100% recyclable.

The Bison™ screw-to-adjust system makes it easy to install a perfectly level deck over sloped or uneven substrates.

Slope Compensation
Slope compensation can be added using the LD4 Base Levelers. The Bison Base Leveling system keeps the pedestal in a vertical position rather than sitting at an angle.

Easy Ordering / Easy Installation
Level.It model LC does it all! Adjust to job variations on the spot - just add or remove a coupler to reach the right elevation. Model LC covers height ranges from 2" to 4 ¾" adjustable. Add couplers to reach up to 12" in height. Use Model LO for adjustability from 1 ¼" - 2" or fixed height pedestals for heights from 1/8" to 1 ¼".

Easy Job Planning
Ordering© pedestals and couplers is easy - no complicated estimating for height required! Just determine the number and height of the pedestals you need.

Works on rooftops!
Create a beautiful, level roof-top deck easily. Set Level.It pedestals directly over smooth surfaced roofing membranes on structural decks without attachment. Bison Deck Supports elevate the deck above or around roof penetrations, allow water to drain, and keep the substrate below accessible for maintenance.

Works on grade
Avoid a costly tear-out! Use Level.It deck supports over cracked concrete patios or on compacted soil. For installations on grade, use the Bison™ Floating Foundation Base (FFB) under each pedestal.

Works with a variety of deck materials
Use Bison Level.It pedestals with a variety of materials such as: Ipe tiles, natural stone, or concrete pavers.

Works with traditional wood stringers
Level.It pedestals can also be installed using traditional joist and plank installation.

Strong and Durable
Perfect for decks up to 12" in height,© Deck Supports are rated to carry up to 750 lbs per pedestal with a FS:2 (Factor of Safety of 2).

Thread Engagement
All Bison pedestals contain thread engagement indicator bumps that warn the user when the pedestal is over-extended.

Weather Resistant
Made from high density polypropylene, Bison Deck Supports are impervious to water, mold and resistant to freeze thaw cycles.

Easy Access to Surface Below for Maintenance
Unlike some competitor's products, pavers installed with Bison Deck Supports can be lifted for routine maintenance and easily replaced.
Model Height Range Base Diameter Weight Weight Bearing Capacity
LC 2" – 4-3/4"
(51 – 121 mm)
8” (203.2 mm) 1.08 lbs (0.49 kg) Supports 750 lbf (3.34 kN)
FS:3 per Pedestal