Rubi Delta Tile Leveling System - Fast Fix Pliers (03901)

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Rubi Delta Tile Leveling System - Fast Fix Pliers (03901)

The main function of the RUBI DELTA LS leveling system is to avoid the creation of lippage during the installation of ceramic tiles, both on floors and walls.

The DELTA LS leveling system also prevents the movement of the tiles during installation and the setting of the adhesive while the number of corrections in the position of the ceramic tile itself is reduced.

The basic principle of the DELTA LS leveling system is that of pressing the highest piece, until matching its position with the adjacent tiles, thus obtaining a substantial improvement of the surface flatness.

The leveling system DELTA LS of RUBI is a system of wedges and flanges, recommended for formats of 30x30 cm or greater and varied thicknesses of up to 12, 15 or 20 mm, depending on the model of flange used.

The use of the RUBI DELTA LS leveling system is fast, easy and intuitive. Once the installation is complete, the elements of the system are removed by impact (kick or mace), striking the flanges always in the direction of the joint.

The DELTA LS leveling system wedges can be reused several times.

The RUBI DELTA LEVEL SYSTEM clamp is designed to be used both in installation work of horizontal (floor) and vertical (cladding) ceramic tiles. The main function of the RUBI DELTA LS leveling clamp is to give the wedge the necessary pressure to allow the leveling of the ceramic tile; thus obtaining a homogeneous resulting flatness.

Clips & Wedges Sold Separately.

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  • Without screws
  • Faster and Intuitive
  • Made of steel with bi-material
  • Soft-grip handles for great ergonomics
  • Protective cover on the pressure cam to avoid damaging the tile

Delta Tile Leveling System Features

  • For 12"x12" (30x30cm) formats and more. Always double gluing.
  • Ensures the flatness and regularity of the surface
  • It avoids the generation of lippage during the laying of ceramic tiles, both in pavements and in coatings
  • Ideal for installing large format tiles (12" x 12" minimum) using the back buttering technique
  • Prevents tiles from moving while adhesive sets to ensure a resulting flat surface
  • For use on both horizontal and vertical (floor and wall) tile installations
  • Greatly reduces the number of corrections to tile positioning during installation
  • Use with Delta Tile Leveling System Clips to accommodate 1/32", 1/16" and 1/8" grout joints
  • Simply insert wedges into clips and tighten with the pliers
  • High strength polypropylene (PP) construction allows for several reuses

What's Included

  • (1) Rubi Delta Tile Leveling System - Pliers Fast Fix


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