Rubi Delta 1/32" Leveling System

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Rubi Delta 1/32" Leveling System

The Rubi Delta 1/32” Leveling System is designed for precision and ease in tile installation. Ideal for both professional and DIY projects, this system ensures a flawless finish for large-format ceramic tiles.

What’s Included:

• 1 Nipper: Usable for both horizontal and vertical tile installations.
• 100 Strips: Suitable for ceramic tiles with thicknesses between 1/8” and 1/2”.
• 100 Reusable Wedges: Durable and easy to use.
• Practical Bucket Container: For easy transport and storage.

Key Features:

• Perfect for Large Format Tiles: Minimum size of 12”x12”.
• Back-Buttering Technique: Ensures adhesive coverage and prevents tile movement.
• Reduces Work Time: Enhances productivity and profitability.
• Reusable Components: Cost-effective and sustainable solution.
• Professional Finish: Achieve a perfectly leveled surface.
• Consistent Pressure: Even pressure distribution for a flawless installation.


• Efficiency: Saves time and improves installation results.
• Ease of Use: Simple setup and application.
• Durability: Reusable and long-lasting components.