Novatek Novair 2000 Air Filtration Unit w/ HEPA Filter (F21000)

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Novatek Novair 2000 Air Filtration Unit w/ HEPA Filter (F21000) is a powerful air scrubber for use in abatement, hospitals, air scrubbing, or anywhere dust is a concern. Built with a best-in-class 2 HP motor, this power, high-volume air filtration moves the same air as multiple of its competitor's machines.
Powerful & High Volume
  • True 2000 cubic feet per minute with filters in place
  • Powerful 2 HP motor, (the most powerful in its class)
  • Horizontal Configuration
  • Uses Standard 24x24x11.5 HEPA filters
  • Utilizes HEPA filters or Nuisance dust filters
  • Polyethylene shell is seamless and dent proof
  • 2-speed configuration
  • Integrated molded carrying handles
  • Caster nest for stacking
  • Integrated rib for strapping


  • Move the same air with fewer machines!
  • Longer filter life. The motor pulls more particulate deeper into the filter
  • Light and compact. Fits through standard doorways
  • Replacement filters are readily available
  • Filters for hazardous material or nuisance dust
  • Dent proof, leak-proof polyethylene. Lightweight and virtually indestructible
  • Easy to decontaminate or clean