Newborn Model 111 Caulking Gun

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Over 20 years ago, Newborn was the first company to add a spout cutter and seal puncture tool on a caulking gun. However, our desire to include all the features necessary for a perfect caulking job did not stop there. Our new and improved "Caulk Buddy" can help you create that perfect bead that everyone struggles to make. With a flexible rubber tip, it allows for a professional finished look. It also comes with two caps that will save unused caulk. In short, everything you need, now comes in one package.


  • 1/10 gallon.
  • 10:1 thrust ratio.
  • E-Z thrust.
  • E-Z load front cap.
  • Ladder hook.
  • Model 111 includes patent pending "Caulk Buddy" finishing tool with caps.