Newborn Model 535-XSP Dual Component Caulking Gun

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The Newborn 535-XSP dual-component multi-ratio manual adhesive applicator, also called a two-part or two component applicator, can accommodate cartridges up to 300 x 300 mL and has a thrust ratio of 26:1 for applying two-component epoxies and other adhesives in various ratios. The 26:1 thrust ratio allows the applicator to be used with very high viscosity materials. The heat-treated piston rod is longer lasting than standard rods, and the push disks snap in and out for quickly changing the sizes of the adhesive cartridges. The hammered finish handle and trigger have a rubber coating for comfort. The applicator can accommodate cartridges with the following sizes: 300 x 300 mL, 300 x 150 mL, 300 x 75 mL, 150 x 150 mL, and 150 x 75 mL.