Miracle Sealants Heavy-Duty Acidic Cleaner, Quart

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Miracle Sealants Heavy-Duty Acidic Cleaner, Quart 
Miracle Sealants Heavy Duty Acidic Cleanser is a fast acting, heavy duty acid cleaner for textured, non-polished, natural and manufactured surfaces. It removes sanded grout & mortar residue, joint cement, lime & hard water deposits, efflorescence, rust and other heavy dirt and grime.

  • Granite
  • Brick
  • Masonry
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Non-Polished Natural Stones
  • Slate
  • Flagstone
  • Grout
  • Sanstone
  • Cement
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Quarry Tile
  • Non-Polished Marble

Special Features:

  • Dilutable
  • Strong Acid
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Fast-Acting
  • Interior & Exterior Use
1) Thoroughly wet the surface to be cleaned with clean water. Heavy Duty Acidic Cleanser may be applied with a clean mop or acid resistant brush.
2) Dilute Heavy Duty Acidic Cleanser with water. Start with 1 part Heavy Duty Acidic Cleanser and 20 parts water. For stronger solutions reduce the water down to as low as 3 parts.
3) Allow Heavy Duty Acidic Cleanser to sit on the surface for 1 - 5 minutes while agitating with a brush. Do not allow Heavy Duty Acidic Cleanser to dry on the surface. Work small areas.
4) Extract all dirty remains with a wet vacuum system. Multiple applications may be necessary.
5) After extracting Heavy Duty Acidic Cleanser solution, rinse thoroughly with clean water. Once surface is complete, rinse areas with Tile & Stone Cleaner and clean water (20 - 1) as directed.
6) If a non acid deep cleaning is necessary use Liquid Poultice as directed.
  • Approximately 200 - 4,000 sq. ft. per gallon with standard dilution


  • Quart

Miracle Heavy-Duty Acidic Cleaner Technical Data Sheet

Miracle Heavy-Duty Acidic Cleaner Safety Data Sheet



  • 5
    Really does clean off grout

    Posted by Doug on Dec 30, 2022

    While grouting my shower surround, the grout set up crazy fast before I had a chance to fully wipe down the tile. I scrubbed and scrubbed, but as the day went on, it became obvious it was useless. I was resigned to having to rip the tile out and start over - it looked BAD. After Googling, my wife suggest we try vinegar - and to my surprise, it actually worked pretty well! I then got a bottle of this to try. Gotta be honest - there is NO way you are going to get yourself out of this situation without a lot of elbow-grease - but this cleaner really did dissolve the hardened grout and saved my tile project! It took a couple of applications, and a few Scotch-Brite pads, and a couple of beers, but now my tile looks great. Whew!

  • 5
    Heavy Duty Acid Cleaner

    Posted by Jose Martinez on Dec 30, 2022

    The best product in the market, easy to use, fast and smart product. The finish wish this product is incredible, With this product the best finish is achieved

  • 5
    Miracle Sealants Acidic Cleaner

    Posted by Cecile Mestan on Dec 30, 2022

    We have used this product before and found it to be the only product that will remove water deposit whitish stains on tile and steps that come from the pavers after a rain.