Duro Shine Invisi-Guard Impregnating Sealer, Quart

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Duro Shine Invisi-Guard Impregnating Sealer, Quart

Invisi-Guard is a high quality Impregnating Sealer that provides a high degree of stain resistance. Never before has a high grade, one step, multi-purpose impregnating sealer, been available as a water based product.

Invisi-Guard is formulated with chemicals normally only found in solvent based sealers.

Our proprietary formula and process, spins these ingredients at very high speed, into a very stable emulsion. Once the water evaporates from the product, the oil based properties remain.

Just apply, and let Invisi-Guard do the rest. Seal and protect your fine stone products with confidence! Invisi-Guard is breathable.

Use Invisi-Guard for all marble, granite, travertine, polished stones, limestone, concrete, clay and most porous surfaces.

Nearly Invisible
Water Resistant
Stain Resistant
Oil Resistant
under 100 v.o.c.