Chemstar Type S Lime

Aqua Mix
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Chemstar Type S Lime demonstrates workability, boardlife, and sand carrying capacity. Nothing is better than a cement-lime mortar with Chemstar Type S Lime and nothing enhances the quality and productivity of your masonry project. It provides the best flexural bond strength and resistance to water penetration available. As a result of their very small size (1/100th of a micron) the Chemstar Type S lime particles have very special properties which yield the following, significant benefits:
  • Prolonged cement hydration for increased board life
  • Excellent water retention
  • Use of marginal mortar sand, as every grain is fully coated
  • Maximum sand yield
  • Superior workability
  • Improved mortar consistency due to high dispersing properties. Chemstar meets the code
  • Usually mixed in a ratio similar to: 2 parts Portland Cement, 1 Part Lime, 6 parts Sand
WARNING: Lime is an irritant; wear rubber gloves and eye protection. Avoid eye contact or prolonged contact with skin. If eye contact occurs, flush with water for 15 minutes. Consult a Physician immediately. Do not take internally.