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Aqua Mix Grout Release

Aqua Mix Grout Release is a temporary, water soluble, pre-grout coating. It provides protection against grout and mortar staining and eases grout cleanup. Aqua Mix Grout Release is recommended for use on textured, porous stone (such as texture slate) and masonry surfaces (such as wire-cut brick).


Aqua Mix Grout Release covers approximately 300 to 600 sq. ft. per coat per gallon, depending on type of tile, porosity and texture of surface, temperature, humidity and method of application.


1) Read entire label before using

2) TEST A SMALL AREA, according to application instructions, to determine desired results

3) Apply liberal coat of Grout Release using a sponge applicator, heavytextured paint roller or brush. If more than 1 coat is needed, allow 15 minutes drying time between coats.

4) Allow 30 minutes drying time before grouting

5) After grouting remove Grout Release with clean water following grout manufacturer’s grout cleanup procedures

6) If Grout Release residue remains on surface, use Aqua Mix Heavy-Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner


  • Prevent build up of Grout Release in grout joints
  • Do not use acid solutions for cleanup as acid may react with Grout Release, forming a crystalline residue on surface
  • Do not allow product to come in contact with any non-recommended surface
  • Product may discolor some light colored, porous tile and stone

Aqua Mix Grout Release Technical Data Sheet

Aqua Mix Grout Release Safety Data Sheet



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