Alpha Trimmer Bit VB 1/4" Shank

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Alpha Trimmer Bit VB 1/4" Shank

The Alpha Trimmer Bit VB 1/4" Shank is a top-of-the-line tool, expertly crafted for precision cutting of large holes or curved lines in a variety of materials. This versatile trimmer bit is a must-have for professionals in construction, plumbing, and electrical trades, offering unparalleled performance in creating non-standard shaped cutouts.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for cutting electrical receptacles, water-valve holes, drains, shower knobs, and more.
  • Vacuum Brazed Technology: Ensures extended life and durability, especially when used on granites, engineered and natural stones, porcelain, and ceramic tiles.
  • Dry Cutting Design: Capable of dry cutting, providing flexibility and convenience in various settings.
  • Compatibility: Fits perfectly on high-speed trimmer tools.
  • Specifications: Maximum RPM of 33,000, with a diameter of 1/4".
  • Wet or Dry Application: Can be used both wet and dry, adding to its versatility.


  • Precision Cutting: Enables accurate and clean cuts for intricate and detailed work.
  • Extended Bit Life: The advanced technology used in manufacturing ensures a longer lifespan, even with frequent use.
  • High-Speed Compatibility: Designed to be used with high-speed tools for efficient and effective cutting.
  • Material Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of hard materials, making it a valuable tool for various trades.
  • Convenience: The ability to use the bit in both wet and dry conditions offers adaptability to different working environments.

The Alpha Trimmer Bit VB 1/4" Shank is an essential tool for any professional working with stone, tile, or similar materials. Its advanced design and construction make it an invaluable asset for creating precise cutouts and holes. Whether you're working on a residential bathroom remodel or a large-scale commercial project, this trimmer bit will provide the performance and durability you need. Elevate your toolkit with the Alpha Trimmer Bit VB 1/4" Shank and experience the difference in your cutting tasks.