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The TZ tile cutters are specifically designed to work with large format tiles. Available in 4 different models, the TZ is compatible with formats of up to 61” (straight cut) or 43”x43” diagonally

Rubi TZ Series Tile Cutters

The TZ tile cutters are a new concept in the manual cutting of tiles, with separation powers never before seen on the market and groundbreaking and innovative constructive solutions.

With a combination of latest generation materials and innovative design, the RUBI TZ is the most advanced tile cutter of ceramic tiles on the market. The TZ tile cutters are PURE POWER. Their 3306 lbs. maximum power and breaker mechanism, exclusive and patented, allows the professional installer to operate the tile cutter with one hand, facilitating work with large format tile.

Thanks to the patented design of the head guidance system, the TZ tile cutter provides smooth and accurate scoring, although the load pressure is increased at the break. The geometry of the guides, of extruded aluminum, ensures optimum performance of the car and reduces the forces that may be generated during cutting. Along with the guides, the steel frame of the TZ allows manual cutting, a bending resistance and strength never before seen in a ceramic tile cutter.

The TZ tile cutters are specifically designed to work with large format tiles. Available in 4 different models, the TZ is compatible with formats of up to 61” (straight cut) or 43”x43” diagonally.Its large cutting capacity and maximum power of 3306 lbs allow you to cut pieces up to 53/64” thick*, with the ability to adjust the working position and adjust the machine performance according to the thickness of the material.

The swivel bracket with removable ends and the locking system ensure precise cuts and facilitate the performance of angular cuts. The patented 12” long lateral stop offers a large surface for performing repetitive cuts in large pieces. Thanks to the brand's constant contact with professional around the world, RUBI has also taken mobility and handling of the equipment into account in the design of TZ tile cutters.

From the already mentioned square with removable ends, to folding aluminum tables. Not to mention that the TZ tile cutters are equipped with wheels and carrying handles to facilitate their portability in the workplace and a highly strengthened textile bag to transport and protect it.

TZ tile cutters are compatible with the full range of RUBI PLUS scoring wheels and are supplied with a 5/16” and a 3/4" diameter scoring wheel.

* There are some ceramic materials over 9/16” thick which, due to their physical properties, possible inner or surface tensions, are difficult to cut manually. It is recommended to make some sample cuts to determine the compatibility of the product.

NOTE: Not recommended for use on textured material greater than 3/4" thick


  • Powerful separator (up to 3,300 lbs.), operable with one hand.
  • Smooth and precise head movement.
  • High cutting capacity, up to 13/16” of thickness. Ideal for large format tiles*.
  • Robust and foldable structure for greater strength and ease of transportation.
  • excellent performance breaking system: Clean cuts with soft motion. vRobust chassis, guides and breaking system.
  • Swivel square with central pivot for fast and accurate measurements in angle cutting.
  • Adjustable lateral stop for repetitive cuts.
  • Support base for excellent tile placement.
  • Easy to transport: rubber wheels with bearings and handle.
  • Interchangeable scoring wheels ranging from Ø 8mm -22mm.
  • Includes 8mm and 18 mm scoring wheels. Reinforced textile bag for transport and protection.
  • 33.5" TZ 850 - Mfg# 17956, ST# 80.00379
  • 40" TZ 1020 - Mfg# 17955, ST# 80.00380
  • 51" TZ 1300 - Mfg# 17957, ST# 80.00381
  • 61" TZ 1550 - Mfg# 17958, ST# 80.00382

  • For the intensive cutting of all types of ceramic tiles.

What's Included
  • Rubi TZ Tile Cutter
  • Carrying Case
  • 5/16"(8mm) and 3/4"(18 mm) scoring wheels.

Rubi TZ Tile Cutter
Part # Model Length of Cut Diagonal Cut Weight
17956 TZ 850 33.5" (85cm) 23.6" (60 cm) 54.07 lbs
17955 TZ 1020 40" (1020cm) 27.6" (70 cm) 59.25 lbs
17957 TZ 1300 51" (1300cm) 35.4" (90 cm) 70.55 lbs
17958 TZ 1550 61" (1550cm) 43.3" (110 cm) 78.26 lbs



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    Recommended tile cutter for porcelain

    Posted by Donal

    By far the best tile cutter I've ever used