Oatey Bonding Adhesive X-15, 1 pint

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Oatey Bonding Adhesive X-15 is formulated for bonding or seaming PVC shower pan liners to itself. When used as directed it will give a permanent, waterproof seam especially since seamed joints in a shower installation should always be water tested for leaks.
Directions for Use:

1. For large showers pan material may have to be seamed to adequately cover the floor, wall and curb area. Clean surfaces to be joined from dirt, grease, water or any other debris that may interfere with the bonding process.
2. Apply an even coating of adhesive with a brush or dauber applicator to both surfaces with a 2” overlap.
3. For best instant strength on contact, allow solvent coating to partially dry (approximately 15-30 seconds after applying X-15 to material) at which time both surfaces should be extremely tacky. Join the two surfaces and apply pressure using a paint roller or 2 x 4 wood section over the freshly bonded seam for 2-3 minutes. Observe the outer seam to make sure there are no gaps.
4. Do not disturb the liner immediately after assembly. Place a heavy object over the entire seamed area during cure period. This will help provide a strong bond between the pan liner surfaces. Good handling strength will develop in approximately two to four hours. Allow overnight cure before water testing a shower pan assembly.