Miracle Sealants Liquid Poultice A&B, Quart

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Miracle Sealants Liquid Poultice A&B

Miracle Liquid Poultice (1 quart Part A & 1 quart Part B) is a two part "environmentally" safe, biodegradable cleaner designed for deep cleaning all porous materials and grout including acid sensitive surfaces. Its cleaning action penetrates deep into the pores of the surface to safely lift out various types of dirt and grime.

Miracle Sealants Liquid Poultice is especially effective for cleaning organic materials like coffee and tea. Great for interior or exterior projects.


  • Granite
  • Concrete
  • Clay Pavers
  • Marble
  • Terrazzo
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Sandstone/Flagstone
  • Brick
  • Masonry Surfaces
  • Limestone
Application of parts A & B:

Thoroughly mix 1 part of Liquid Poultice (Bottle A) with 2 parts hot water. (Cold water can be used but cleaning action will be reduced). Add 1 part Activator (Bottle B) to the above mixture. Once the Activator is added, be sure to keep the mixture vented to prevent oxygen build up. Mix in an open container. Once Activator (Bottle B) has been added, the solution must be used within 72 hours.

Wet the surface to be cleaned with water lightly before starting. Apply Liquid Poultice with Miracle Applicator, a clean mop, self-feeding floor machine or sprayer. Allow the solution to stand for 45 minutes while agitating periodically with the appropriate scrub brush. DO NOT allow solution to dry on the surface.

If surface starts to dry, add more Liquid Poultice Solution. Extract all the dirty remains with a wet vacuum system. Rinse the surface thoroughly with hot water and allow to dry. Difficult stains may require a second application. On wall surfaces a fine mist of Liquid Poultice maybe left to dry after initial cleaning is complete.

Liquid Poultice will continue to pull dirt to the surface for up to 72 hours after completion. Allow to dry 24 - 72 hours before sealing the surface.

Heavy Duty Cleaning: To remove lime, hard water deposits, efflorescence, rust, heavy grease and other dirt and grime useGCFR or Phosphoric Acid Cleaner as directed.
It covers approximately 500 - 1,000 square feet per gallon (45 - 180 square meters per 3.785 liters).

Part A + Part B Product Data Sheet


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    Does the job

    Posted by Philip Hull

    I was skeptical about its effectiveness. To remove stains as well as old sealant coating, I'd tried paint thinner, paint stripper, muriatic acid, as well as consuming 70 5" sanding disks on a palm sander before I came to Liquid Poultice. While sanding was the single most effective stain remover, it created so much dust that it will takes to eliminate it and there were a few stains that sanding would not remove. For these -and for the grouting - this poultice worked miraculously! I used very hot water in the mix and nuked Part A for a bit so that my final mixture was almost hot to the touch before applying it. This seemed to result in greater effectiveness of the poutice. But I'd highly recommend this poultice over other cleaning products for natural stone.