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Gemini Apollo Ring Saw

The Gemini Apollo Ring Saw is both a ring saw and tile saw in one. It is capable of precision cutting through materials 3 inches thick and can cut tile up to 16” in diagonal. It slices through a wide variety of materials including natural & engineered stone, marble, ceramic tile, glass, non-ferrous metals, Plexiglass, and other materials.

The powerful Apollo Ring Saw motor delivers 10 times more power, or torque, than traditional tile saws. Included are 2 magnetic angle brackets and sliding tray that ensures you the get the most accurate cut possible every time.

Versatile Blade Cartridge Assemblies

The Gemini Apollo Ring Saw features patented Removable Blade Cartridge Assemblies that make swapping blades out simple and easy. The ring saw is capable of cutting straight, radius, and curved lines. With blades available specifically for straight cuts, curve cuts, and omni-directional cuts with extreme detail, there's a blade that will produce the exact cuts needed for your next project.

The single-sided blade (Rigid Blade Cartridge Assembly) will do only straight or forward cuts while the double-sided blade (Sintered Blade Cartridge Assembly) will do forward, backward, and curve cuts. The omni-directional wire blades (Wire Blade Cartridge Assembly) feature a complete, 360 degree diamond coating that allows for cutting in any direction. Due to the specific cutting abilities of the ring saw blades, the Blade Cartridge Assemblies are sold separately.

Each blade type must be used with the correct and corresponding Cartridge Assembly. Single-sided blades must be used with Rigid Cartridge Assembly, double-sided blades must be used with Sintered Cartridge Assembly, and omni-directional / wire blades must be used with Wire Blade Cartridge Assembly.


  • Cuts materials 3" thick
  • Cuts intricate designs and tight radius cuts as small as 1/2"
  • Delivers 10x more power than standard tile saws
  • Wire Blade Cartridge houses Taurus 3 Wire Blades
  • Includes Sliding Tray
  • Includes 2 Magnetic Angle Brackets
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Power 1/3 HP (120v)
  • Blade Size (min/max) 4" / 6".
  • Unlimited Rip Cut
  • 16" Diagonally.
  • 3" Depth of Cut.
  • Dimensions: L 11" x W 20" x H 21".
  • Product Weight 32 lbs.
  • Item #1100

Gemini Apollo Ring Saw Cartridge Assemblies

6" Sintered Blade Cartridge Assembly (Double-Sided Blades)

The Gemini Apollo Sintered Blade Cartridge accepts the double-sided blades. These blades feature diamond coating on both sides of the blade that allows for forward, backward, and curved cuts. The blades are available in 2 configurations that include Standard and Fine. The Standard Double-Sided Blade should only be used with thick materials including glass, stone, marble, and granite. For thin glass including stained glass, fused glass, glass tile, and other glass types, the Fine Double-Sided Blade is appropriate.


  • 6" Double-sided Blades
  • Forward, backward, and curved cuts
  • Available in Standard and Fine

6" Wire Blade Cartridge Assembly (360° Diamond Coating)

The Gemini Apollo Wire Blade Cartridge Assembly accepts the Gemini Taurus 3 Wire Blades. Three different ring saw blades are available including the Standard Blade, Slim Wire Blade, and Dichroic Blade. These blades are electroplated for omni-directional cutting and extreme detail.

The Standard Blade is a general purpose, omni-directional blade that has the versatility to cut a variety of materials with its 360 degree diamond coating. The Slim Wire Blade is for the most intricate designs, and the Dichroic Glass Blade is specifically for use with dichroic glass and iridescent coated glass. The blade won't chip even the most delicate dichroic finish and can be used to create intricate shapes with perfect edges.


  • 6" 360° diamond coated Wire Blades
  • Omni-directional cuts (cut any direction) for extreme detail
  • Available in Standard, Slim, and Dichroic

6" Rigid Blade Cartridge Assembly (Single-Sided Blade)

The Rigid Blade Cartridge Assembly accepts the Gemini Apollo Rigid Blades. With a single-side diamond coating, the Rigid Blades are capable of straight cuts and slicing only. This makes them ideal for when numerous straight cuts are needed throughout a project. The Rigid Blade is available in both Standard and Fine configurations. For thicker materials including marble, granite, natural stone, and thick glass, use the Standard Blade. For thin glass such as stained glass, fused glass, and glass tile, use the Fine Blade.


  • 6" Single-Side Blade
  • Straight cuts and slicing
  • Available in Standard and Fine

Gemini Apollo Ring Saw Replacement Blades

6" Sintered Blade Replacement

  • Standard Double-Sided Blade
  • Fine Double-Sided Blade

6" Wire Replacement Blades

  • Standard Wire Blade
  • Slim Wire Blade
  • Dichroic Glass Blade

6" Rigid Blade Replacement

  • Standard Double-Sided Blade
  • Fine Double-Sided Blade

Gemini Ring Saw FAQ

Q: What is a Ring Saw?

A Ring Saw is a saw designed for cutting glass and tile using a unique and patented design that produces clean and chip free cuts. It is similar to a band saw and radial saw, combining the best aspects of both.

Q: What type of materials does the Ring Saw cut?

The Ring Saw can cut a wide variety of materials including stone, marble, granite, tile, plexi-glass, glass, nonferrous metals, and acrylic. It is often used for cutting tile and glass.

Q: How is a Ring Saw different from other types of saws, such a band saw or reciprocating saw?

A Ring Saw spins in a perfect circle, producing little or no vibration, and can cut in all directions. A band saw, however, spins in an ellipse, cutting in a forward motion. Reciprocating saws, such as jig saws, move in a push and pull reciprocating motion, rather than a rotating motion. The vibration on the upward stroke causes delicate pieces to be more prone to breakage and to wear out more quickly.

Q: What kind of blade does a Gemini Apollo Ring Saw use?

The Ring Saw blades (with the exception of the 4” solid blade) feature a hollow center, giving the ability to make tight radius cuts as well as straight lines. Different blades are available for specific cutting applications, such as for cutting delicate glass or for aggressive straight cutting. The high quality blade cuts with far less chipping because of the high torque and slower blade RPM.

Q: Where is the water pump, and do I always have to use water?

The Ring Saw is self contained with no pump. The saw is designed so the belt that drives the blade also picks up water and delivers to the cut. Water should always be used.

Q: How long do the parts last before needing to be replaced?

The drive belt has an average lifespan of two to three blades. The blades often have superior blade life because they spin at a much slower RPM and with more torque than the average wet saw blade.

Please Note: The Gemini Apollo Polishing Stating is DISCONTINUED

Gemini Apollo Ring Saw Owner's Manual



  • 5
    Great service, received it in 4 days!

    Posted by Tina Newton on Dec 29, 2022

    I am anxious to try the saw, have not received the blade yet.

  • 5

    Posted by Linda Woodard on Dec 29, 2022

    This is one sweet saw. It meets all my needs in my stained glass studio taking the place of two saws and saves a ton of money n blades

  • 5
    Gemini Apollo Ring Saw for use in glass art studio

    Posted by Shawn Earle on Dec 29, 2022

    I bought the Apollo for cutting borosilicate glass slabs, slicing millefiori and cutting slits for functional pieces . It is a strong yet gentle saw capable of doing all the tasks I had hoped. Moving up from a c40 bandsaw I am pleased with the fact that the apollo can utilize a rigid blade like a trim saw, an omnidirectional wire blade and a super thin slicer blade. This makes it the most versatile saw on the market.the super slicer kit is a great upgrade. The saw spits a little water toward the user but a plexiglass shield alleviated that, which was my only real concern upon testing the unit. It is in daily use and has surpassed the performance and adaptability of any other saw in the shop. Blades change easily and the power draw is minimal. Bonanza has been a great company to work with and I would highly recommend buying an Apollo through them as they have the best price and great customer service.

  • 5
    Great Saw Great Price!

    Posted by Thomas Armbruster on Dec 29, 2022

    I just purchased a Gemini Apollo Ring Saw for my Glass Art Studio through Stone & Tile Tools. Delivery was on time and shipping was free. The saw is amazing with it's forward and reverse curve cutting sintered diamond blade. I am very pleased. Tom A.

  • 5
    Gemini Apollo Ring Saw

    Posted by SANDRA HUPP on Dec 29, 2022

    Pleased with my order. Have to wait a little while to get you Apollo saw. You could keep more in stock. Have a friend that has to wait also.