3M Scotch Contractor Grade Masking Tape (1.41" x 60.1 YD) 36mm x 55m

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3M Scotch Contractor Grade Masking Tape 2020-36AP6 (1.41" x 60.1 YD) 36mm x 5m

Introducing Scotch Contractor Grade Masking Tape 2020-36AP6, your go-to solution for all your masking needs! This general-purpose masking tape is meticulously designed for use on non-damageable surfaces, ensuring the protection you require to accomplish your tasks seamlessly. Whether it’s vinyl, carpet, metal, or plastic, this tape provides secure adhesion and easy removal, leaving no sticky residue behind.

Ready, Set, Tape:

Each pack comes with 1, 6 or 24 rolls of 1.41 in. x 60.1 yds. of Scotch Contractor Grade Masking Tape, ensuring you have ample supply to cover a 15x15 room with just one 60-yard roll!

Clean Removal:

Experience the convenience of 3-day interior and 1-day exterior clean removal, guaranteeing no damage or sticky residue is left behind, maintaining the pristine condition of your surfaces.

Conquer Most Surfaces:

This 1.41 in. wide masking tape is versatile and designed to adhere securely to vinyl, carpet, metal, and plastic, making it a staple for any project.

Sustainability at its Best:

Crafted from 50% renewable resources and featuring a core made from 70% post-consumer waste, this adhesive tape is a sustainable choice. It is produced in a site certified for energy management (ISO 50001 certified), reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Application & Removal Tips:

  • Application: For optimal results, ensure the surface is clean, dry, and dust-free. Apply the tape firmly, pressing down as you go, and let it set for about 30 to 60 minutes before painting.
  • Removal: Wait until the paint is dry to the touch before removing the tape. Lift it up by slowly pulling it back on itself, then removing at a 45-degree angle.

Quality and Reliability:

Scotch Contractor Grade Masking Tape is synonymous with quality, offering consistent and reliable performance, making it a preferred choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Why choose 3M Scotch:

Scotch Contractor Grade Masking Tape 2020-36AP6 is a versatile, reliable, and environmentally responsible adhesive solution, designed to meet your masking needs. Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, this masking tape is designed to deliver superior performance and clean removal.


  • 1 pack
  • 6 pack
  • 24 pack

3M Scotch Contractor Grade Masking Tape Technical Data Sheet

3M Scotch Contractor Grade Masking Tape Safety Data Sheet

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