Rubi Mortar Mixer Paddle

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Rubi Mortar Mixer Paddle

The Rubi Mortar Mixer Paddle is an essential tool for mixing cementitious mortars and other high-density or low fluidity materials. Designed to perform a bottom-up movement, it ensures a homogenous mix of highly viscous materials such as mortars, cements, and particularly enhanced cementitious adhesives (type C2) for ceramic tiles.

Featuring an M14 x 2 threaded connection, this mortar mixer rod is adaptable directly to all RUBIMIX electric mixers and the majority of other brand mixers. Its innovative design allows the material to ascend at low speed inside the rod's head, then descend outside, allowing you to work with less effort and more mobility.

Uniquely designed, the 3H rods are equipped with a 3-blade propeller head for enhanced mixing efficiency. This design boosts performance by 15% compared to traditional 2-blade propeller heads, and it reduces the workload on the electric mixer, thereby extending the life of your portable electric tool.

Furthermore, the 3-blade head design also minimizes vibration, offering the user a higher level of comfort during use. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, the Rubi Mortar Mixer Paddle will certainly elevate the efficiency and quality of your mixing tasks.