iQ Power Tools iQTS244 10" Dry Cut Tile Saw

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iQ Power Tools iQTS244 10" Dry Cut Tile Saw

Revolutionary Dust-Free Cutting for Professionals

Unveil the future of tiling with the iQTS244, a groundbreaking 10" dry cut tile saw equipped with a state-of-the-art dust containment system. Revolutionizing the way professionals cut tile, this saw offers precise, clean cuts on a variety of materials, including ceramic, porcelain, marble, and stone, without the mess and hassle of water and dust.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Vacuum System: The fully integrated vacuum system ensures a dust-free work environment, capturing 99.5% of harmful dust with its advanced Cyclone technology.
  • Wide Range of Materials: Effortlessly cuts through ceramic, porcelain, marble, and stone, delivering versatility in your projects.
  • Time and Cost-Efficient: Eliminates the problems associated with wet cutting, saving time and increasing profitability for professional contractors.
  • Complete Kit: Comes with an X-Stand and a 10" Combo blade, providing everything needed for immediate use.
  • Professional Grade Power: Equipped with a 1.5hp saw motor and a 0.8hp vacuum motor, ensuring powerful and efficient operation.
  • High Vacuum Efficiency: The vacuum boasts a 92 CFM rating, effectively capturing dust particles.
  • Robust and Portable: Weighing 93lbs with dimensions of 27"w × 34"l × 28"h, it is sturdy yet manageable.
  • Optimal Cutting Capacities: Offers a 24" rip cut capacity, 18" diagonal cut capacity, and a 1" cutting depth.
  • Durable Blade and Filter: Features the Q-Drive 10" Blade and the iQ Dura Bond Cartridge for sustained quality.
  • Significant Dust Capacity: Can hold up to 11 lbs. of dust or facilitate over 500 linear feet of cutting on 3/8" thick material.


  • Voltage: 120v
  • Total System Amperage: 17amps
  • Saw Motor Power: 1.5hp/12amps
  • Vac Motor Power: 0.8hp/5amps
  • Vacuum CFM: 92
  • Saw Weight: 93lbs
  • Saw Dimensions: 27"w × 34"l × 28"h
  • Stand Dimensions: 18"w × 28"l × 20"h
  • Blade Size: Q-Drive 10" Blade
  • Filter Type: iQ Dura Bond Cartridge
  • Rip Cut Capacity: 24"
  • Diagonal Cut Capacity: 18"
  • Cutting Depth: 1"
  • Dust Capacity: 11 lbs.

The iQTS244 10" Dry Cut Tile Saw is not just a tool; it's a game-changer in the world of professional tiling. This saw is designed to provide unparalleled precision and cleanliness, enhancing efficiency and profitability in your tiling projects.

Add the iQTS244 to your professional toolkit today and experience a new era of dust-free, precise tile cutting!