IMER Silent 300 Prestige Pumping / Spraying / Mixing Machine

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IMER Silent 300 Pumping / Spraying / Mixing Machine

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The Silent 300 Prestige is a diesel-powered multi-purpose pump and spray machine with a built-in 6.3 cubic foot hydraulic mixer and onboard compressor for spraying. The military spec control panel integrates all these functions in one location to allow operators to quickly and easily learn to operate the pump. Known for its versatility, the Prestige is designed to use different rotor/stator combinations for pumping a variety of materials - including up to 3/8” aggregate. The heart of the Silent 300 is a Kohler / Lombardini 3 cylinder industrial duty diesel motor, this power plant is indestructible! The diesel motor powers an all hydraulic drive system, which also includes its own cyclone intercooler to keep the hydraulic fluid nice and cool. The combination of a powerful motor and a well designed hydraulic system means that the Silent 300 can mix, pump, and spray all at the same time.The hydro-electric controls are linked together by an on board computer which greatly simplifies operating the pump, and also provides a LED diagnostic read out panel to assist with any maintenance issues. The controls are all at your finger tips…operators get the hang of this pump real fast!

Choose from three different rotor/stator combinations; the 2L6 comes standard and is good for a wide variety of materials, use the IM25L when the aggregate content is high, and use the 60.12 when the job calls for high volumes of material. All these rotor/stator assemblies are adjustable to ensure a long life and consistent pumping action.Having these optional rotor/stators available makes the Silent 300 an even more versatile and complete pumping and spraying machine. The Silent 300 is the Boss Hog of all rotor/stator pumps…bar none!

The mixer on the Silent 300 produces plenty of blending and shear action, materials are mixed thoroughly and quickly. Our patented Folium II paddle design ensures that materials flow through the hopper, into the rotor/stator, and out the hose end at optimum speeds. This mixer is designed to keep up with the pumps fastest speed, another hopper full of material is always ready to go on time! This mixer is extremely reliable…it has to be because it’s feeding an expensive pump. To ensure there is much less paddle shaft bearing maintenance we went to the aerospace industry to source a Molybdenum/Teflon bushing. This system absolutely crushes even the best quality bearings in head to head torture tests. Grease these bushing once every week or two…not daily like metal bearings require!

Keeping operators safe is very important to Imer. The Silent 300 has interlock systems which will not allow the machine to operate if safety grates are not in place. Should a grate be out of position the diagnostic computer will post the appropriate warning on the control panel.


  • Quiet 20 hp. 3 cylinder Diesel liquid cooled, industrial duty Lombardini.
  • Hooper capacity 53 Gallons
  • Load height 53".
  • Variable speed screw pump
  • Maximum pumping distance with 1-1/4" hose 150ft.
  • Discharge head 25 ft. vertical lift.
  • Drop down stability legs makes makes for easy set-up.
  • The hydraulic drive horizontal shaft mixer is virtually maintenance free, just keep it clean, pressure washer is built into the system.
  • The control panel includes a specially built computer witch balances the supply of material with the rate of application. This feature reduces clogging significantly.

Standard Equipment:

  • 3-cylinder Kohler / Lombardini diesel engine
  • Hydraulic drive 6 cu. ft. mixer
  • Hydraulic intercooler delivers full power 24/7
  • Forward and reverse on both the pump and mixer
  • 2L6 adjustable rotor/stator
  • Inline pressure gauge for material delivery hose
  • Pressure gauges for the pump, mixer, and washing sys
  • Accessory tool box
  • Hydraulic pressure washer with pistol grip wand & hose
  • 35mm material hose (66’+33’)
  • 25mm material whip hose (16’)
  • 25mm Mortar & Fireproofing gun kit with tips
  • Full complement of air hose
  • Tow Kit- full suspension, brakes, lights and fenders
  • Grease gun
  • Hose strap

Optional Equipment:

  • Wireless RF remote control
  • 150’ 24v remote w/ stop/start, & variable speed
  • Vibrating screen
  • 5’ overhead wand
  • Pipe hook


QUICK SPECS Silent 300 Prestige
Motor Kohler / Lombardini 3 cyl.
Horsepower 20
Pumping system 2L6 rotor/stator
Flow rate 0 - 15 GPM or 4.5 CYPH
Max. pumping pressure 580 PSI
Max. aggregate size 1/4" std. 3/8” w / options
Pipe outlet 50 mm
Hopper capacity 8 CF
Mixer batch output 6 CF
Mixer system Integrated hydraulic drive/dump
Compressor output 14 CFM @ 45 PSI
Weight (palletized) 1,590 (1,800) Lbs.
Length 132" (103")
Width 53" (60")
Height 54" (60")

IMER Silent 300 Part # 1106132

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