Diamax Hurricane ES White 7 Step Polishing System

Diamax Industries
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Diamax Hurricane ES White 7 Step Polishing System

Unleash the brilliance of your engineered stones with the Diamax Hurricane ES White 7 Step Polishing System. This top-tier polishing system is designed with a small tread pattern that maximizes flexibility, allowing it to adapt perfectly to a variety of stone profiles - from Ogee to Bullnose and other complex shapes. Thanks to the use of light-colored resin, these pads ensure zero staining and bleeding on your precious stones, maintaining their natural hue and luster.

Inspired by the Cyclone version, but offered at a more economical price, the Hurricane ES Polishing System sets a new standard in its category. It effortlessly outshines competitors at the same price point, giving you exceptional value for your money.

Perfectly suited for engineered stones such as Cambria, Zodiac, Silestone, Caesar Stone, and even Granite, the Diamax Hurricane ES pads are your ultimate stone care solution. Consistent contact with the stone enhances the polish and speed, resulting in a flawless finish every time.

Remember, the Hurricane ES White 7 Step Polishing System is designed for wet use only. It's all about quality and innovation when it comes to Diamax, and these pads are no exception.

Key Features:

- Small tread pattern offers flexibility for precise and efficient polishing
- Light-colored resin prevents pads from bleeding into the stone, maintaining its natural beauty
- Superior performance compared to other brands at the same price point
- Increased flexibility provides immediate feedback and feel
- Compatible with a variety of engineered stones and granite for versatility
- Designed for wet use only to maintain optimum functionality

Get your hands on the Diamax Hurricane ES White 7 Step Polishing System and experience a new level of shine and brilliance for your engineered stones.