Cyclone MVP Pneumatic Air Polisher

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Cyclone MVP Pneumatic Air Polisher

The Cyclone MVP Pneumatic Air Polisher is a high-performance tool that redefines excellence in the world of stone polishing. Hand-assembled to ensure superior craftsmanship, it offers unrivaled strength and durability, setting it apart from the crowd.

One of the key features of this air polisher is its innovative automatic oil injection system. This feature ensures continuous lubrication, prolonging the tool's lifespan and enabling smooth, efficient operations. Additionally, it won't lose power even when subjected to heavy pressure on the stone, guaranteeing consistent, high-quality polishing.

With a recommended RPM of 5,000 and a maximum RPM of 5,500, the Cyclone MVP Pneumatic Air Polisher delivers top-tier performance in all circumstances. Designed for use on a pneumatic machine, it is versatile enough to handle all kinds of materials.

Moreover, its wet use capability allows for effective dust management, enhancing user safety and comfort during extended polishing sessions.


  • Completely hand-assembled for exceptional quality
  • Equipped with an automatic oil injection system for sustained performance
  • Doesn't lose power even under heavy pressure on the stone
  • Recommended RPM of 5,000 and a maximum RPM of 5,500 for efficient operations
  • Compatible with all types of materials
  • Suitable for wet use on a pneumatic machine

Experience the precision and power of the Cyclone MVP Pneumatic Air Polisher. Whether you're dealing with a challenging material or looking for a tool that guarantees consistent performance, this hand-assembled polisher is your reliable solution. Enjoy sustained, efficient operations with its automatic oil injection system and impressive power capacity, making your stone polishing tasks smoother and more productive.

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