Abaco Slab Dolly (4 Wheel)

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Abaco Slab Dolly (4 Wheel)

The Abaco Slab Dolly is a small slab carrying trolley with solid rubber wheels, used to move material around the work place. The rubber is vulcanized to the bottom, sides and top sides of trolley to avoid chipping the edges of the finished work piece.


  • 4 Wheel Slab Dolly is joined by 2 solid rubber tires, 2 swivel casters, and a channel.
  • The rubber is vulcanized to the bottom and the sides of the dolly to avoid finished workpiece being chipped.

Technical Specifications

Abaco Slab Dolly (4 Wheel)

Abaco Part #: SDS003
Length: 20-1/16"
Width: 9-13/16"
Height: 8-1/16"
Shelf Life: 3-1/8"
Net Weight: 25.52 lbs
W.L.L. : Work Load Limit: 1433 lbs

Abaco Slab Dolly (4 Wheel) Manual