5" Diamax Cyclone Side Segment Turbo Blade

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5" Diamax Cyclone Side Segment Turbo Blade

Diamax Cyclone Side Segment Turbo Blade is the first ever turbo blade that has its side protection completely inlaid within its core. Safety is very important, and Cyclone goes that extra mile for your safety by securing all triangular side segments within the steel core and then welding all three sides in place.

When cutting engineered stone, a common problem is that the blade binds up and stops in the stone. Diamax designed the Cyclone Side Segment Turbo Blade's side protection with a diamond that is different than the cutting rim to give fast cutting performance without ever having to worry about the blade binding up in your engineered or natural stone.


  • Side segments are inlaid within the core for safe cutting
  • Side segments prevent blade from binding within the stone
  • Thick solid steel core eliminates any possibility of warping and insures straight cuts


Ideal for Cutting

  • Natural Stone
  • Engineered Stone


Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Part # Size Max RPM Arbor Wet / Dry Cutting
SSTB5P 5" 12,200 7/8" - 5/8" - 22mm Dry