Rubi 7" x 4-1/8" Bucket Trowel

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Rubi 7" x 4-1/8" Bucket Trowel

Enhance your flooring projects with the Rubi 7" x 4-1/8" Bucket Trowel, an indispensable tool for flooring professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. This unique, flat-bottomed trowel is designed for fast and efficient scooping of adhesives, mortar, and grout from buckets. Its versatile design also makes it perfect for buttering bricks and smoothing out mortar, ensuring your projects have a clean, professional finish.

Measuring 7-1/8" x 4-1/8", this bucket trowel has the ideal dimensions to handle a variety of tasks with ease. One of its standout features is the ergonomic Rubiflex handle, designed to provide a comfortable grip, reducing fatigue during long hours of work and improving control for precision tasks.

Whether you're a professional in the construction field or embarking on a DIY home improvement project, the Rubi 7" x 4-1/8" Bucket Trowel is a must-have addition to your toolbox. With its exceptional design and superior usability, it promises to enhance the efficiency and quality of your flooring and masonry projects.