Mad Max V40 Router Bit

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Mad Max V40 Router Bit


Mad Max router bits are ideal for shaping the edges of granite, marble, engineered stone and other natural stone. They are designed to be used with conventional router machines. The Mad Max router bits are superior quality and available in many shapes.

This Mad Max V40 Router Bit is ideal for profiling granite and marble stone with high efficiency. Its bullnose design provides superior performance and durability. Unlike other router bits, this bit does not have a steel ring in the middle but rather is carbide all the way through. Since steel tends to wear down after being used on stone, regular bits may leave raised edges which may have to be removed by hand.

Also, our bit has diamonds from top to bottom to ensure that the whole bit is usable and built for both quality and longer useful life. The grooves in the tool allow for better water and airflow over the surface of the tool in order to allow for a fast and clean job every time.


  • Fast and clean profiling
  • No bouncing or vibration
  • Long life
  • Use wet