3M Wool Polishing Pad, 05705

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3M Wool Polishing Pad, 05705

Revolutionize your paint repairs with 3M Wool Polishing Pads, meticulously engineered to remove fine paint defects, including compound swirl marks, and deliver an unparalleled high gloss on composite surfaces. Here's why our pads are the go-to choice for professionals seeking efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence in every detail.

Key Features:

  • Blended Wool Abrasive: Our pads utilize a fast-cutting, durable wool blend combined with fine fibers, ensuring efficient and effective results for scratch and swirl mark removal.

  • Double-Sided Soft Edge Pads: Designed with a soft edge to protect body lines and firm, lightweight center support for consistent surface contact, our double-sided pads offer control and a more aggressive cut without extra pressure.

  • Single-Sided Pads with Hook and Loop Attachment: Experience fast change-outs on multi-stage applications with our single-sided pads featuring a convenient hook-and-loop attachment system.

  • Compatibility with 3M Polishes: Achieve consistent performance on composite finishes by pairing our wool polishing pads with 3M polishes for optimal results.

The Right Pad for the Right Job:

  • Durable Double-Sided Pads: Built-in center support for excellent control, a more aggressive cut, and a smooth, swirl-free finish. Easily attaches to orbital sanders with the 3M 5/8" thread adapter PN05710.

  • Efficient Single-Sided Pads: Fast, refined cut with the added convenience of the hook-and-loop attachment system for quick and secure pad changes.

Saving Time with Hook and Loop Attachment:

Whether you're using a random orbital or rotary sander, buffer, grinder, drill, or finishing sander, our hook-and-loop attachment system ensures a seamless experience. Focus more on the task at hand and less on tooling, as our pads provide an efficient way to change during multi-step compounding and polishing.

A Balance of Sharp and Smooth from 3M:

We leverage scientific expertise to craft wool into a blended fiber pad, combining the fast, sharp cut of wool with the finesse required for a fine polished finish. Experience not just a superior finished product, but also time and cost savings for your entire auto body and collision repair operation.

Elevate your results with 3M Wool Polishing Pads – where precision meets perfection. Order now to witness the science of shine in action.