Tenax Knife-Grade Super Transparent Adhesive (1 Liter)

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Tenax Knife-Grade Super Transparent Adhesive (1 Liter)

Tenax Knife-Grade Super Transparent Polyester Resin Adhesive is a high viscosity polyester adhesive used to vertically or horizontally repair, rebuild, bond, and fill. Super Transparent is very smooth in consistency, and will cure shiny, is very polishable, and its colors easily match the stone. Perfect for light-colored stones such as Carrara, Thassos, and other light/white stones.

If you are looking for a water-clear polyester resin, this is perfect for you. This remarkable product cures in lower temperatures but is not recommended for temperatures below 32 Degrees. Professionals recommend it for interior use and ideal for light-colored stones. In tests, the product cured at around 90 minutes (if the stone is at 77 Degrees).

*Please note that because this is a HazMat item (hazardous material), it can only be shipped via UPS Ground. Delivery to the continental USA or UPS Standard Delivery to Canada. We cannot ship via any other level of service or outside of the continental USA and Canada.