QEP 16 oz. PRO Rubber Floor Mallet - White (61625)

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The QEP Pro Rubber Floor Mallet is equipped with a high-quality white rubber head that will not damage surfaces which makes it ideal for safely and securely setting flooring. Each mallet's head measures 70 to 75 on the Shore A hardness scale, for a firm hardness with minimum bounce when striking making it ideal for a diverse array of jobs.


  • Designed for installing both unfinished and prefinished flooring
  • Large mallet head spreads force across the flooring to move it into place during installation
  • 16 oz. white rubber head will not mar tile or other surfaces
  • Co-molded plastic handle with non-slip, rubber grip for comfortable repeat use
  • Chamfered edges maximize contact with subfloors when positioning floors 11.5 in. handle for comfortable use