Protecto Wrap Whisper Mat HW - Sound Control Membrane

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Protecto Wrap Whisper Mat HW - Sound Control Membrane

WhisperMat HW is a peel & stick non-permeable sheet membrane, which reduces impact and airborne sound transmissions and is a moisture/vapor barrier. Designed for use with engineered wood plank, wood parquet and laminate floors.

Used where sound-control is required, specified or desired. Constructed of a Cross-Linked Poly-Olefin foam sheet combined with an aggressive rubberized adhesive, Whisper Mat HW combines sound absorption properties with moisture resistant properties making this an excellent system to enhance flooring installation performance.


  • Sound Reduction: IIC: 72 STC: 71
  • Protects flooring from subfloor moisture/vapor emissions
  • Approved over Radiant Heated Subfloors
  • Economical
  • Easy, installer friendly installation
  • Uniquely Thin System (1/8")
  • Commercial and residential applications
  • 36" X 50' roll (150 sqft)

Protecto Wrap Whisper Mat HW Data Sheet

Protecto Wrap Whisper Mat HW MSDS