Montolit 33W Crab Scoring Tile Nippers

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Montolit 33W Crab Scoring Tile Nippers

Made of carbon-alloy steel and forged with the latest technology, it combines excellent finishing and precision with a slim line that makes it ergonomic and well-balanced.

The cutting parts, composed of two special tungsten carbide Titanium Nitride linings, guarantee excellent results on hard ceramic tiles with up to 15 mm thickness. At the same time the extreme precision of cutting also allows smooth handling of finishing operations on particularly delicate materials such as mosaic tiles or glass tiles.

Comfort is the constant feeling experienced by the user, given by the soft rubber-coated grip, by the progressive metal spring for the re-opening of the handles, and above all by the two end-of-stroke bumpers that avoid hand distress as users proceed in their cutting work.

One of the two wheels has the characteristic of being able to rotate on its axis, therefore, thanks to a special thumb support, which allows to exercise the right pressure, it is possible to mark the ceramics surface before the cutting, just like it would happen with the masterpiuma tile cutter.

Montolit 33W Crab Scoring Tile Nippers
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