IMER Combicut 250/1000 Tile & Stone Saw w/Stand

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IMER Combicut 250/1000 Tile & Stone Saw



For jobs that are not at the level of large scale, commercial applications but still require a saw with a high cutting capacity, contractors turn to the IMER Combicut 250/1000 Tile & Stone Saw. IMER is an industry leader in tile, stone, and masonry saws with models ranging from small and compact designs to those built for high production, commercial jobs. Every IMER Saw is engineered for precision cutting and to be versatile and strong.

Powerful, High-Torque Motor

The IMER Combicut 250VA/1000 Tile & Stone Saw features a powerful, high torque 1.75 HP motor. With a 10 inch blade diameter and a 2,800 RPM blade speed, the IMER Combicut 250VA/1000 can make short work of a variety of materials including ceramic tiles, masonry, and stone. The saw features a large cutting capacity, capable of ripping tile up to 37 inches in length (up to 40 inches with plunge cut) and up to 2-1/2 inches in depth (1-1/4 inches at 45 degrees).

Powerful, High-Torque Motor

Built to be versatile and for producing the most accurate cuts, the IMER Combicut 250VA/1000 Tile & Stone Saw Lite features innovative cutting abilities. A laser cutting guide comes standard with each IMER Combicut 250VA/1000, allowing you to reproduce the cutting line on the material with the laser, ensuring you get the exact cut needed each time. The cast aluminum cutting head glides evenly along the overhead rail to produce the smoothest cuts. The saw performs plunge cuts smoothly and effortlessly with the cutting head pivoting on a sealed bushing, and the saw produces perfect 45 degree miter cuts quickly and easily with a simple tilt of the cutting head.

Unique Sump Design

The IMER Combicut 250VA/1000 Tile & Stone Saw features a unique sump design that keeps the water pump separate from sediment build up. This not only extends the life of the water pump, but also ensures clean water is delivered to the blade for optimal cuts. The durable, impact resistant plastic water has a 12 gallon capacity, and the continuous duty rated water pump supplies water at 3 gallon per minute.

Light Weight & Strong

Not only designed to produce pinpoint accurate cuts, the IMER Combicut 250VA/1000 is also engineered to be durable, strong, and reliable. The frame and components are made from high quality cast aluminum material that is very light weight but also rigid and strong. With the extremely sturdy cast aluminum construction of the frame, it is important to use a high quality diamond blade that will not flex during operation.

Built in Wheelkit

While the IMER Combicut 250VA/1000 Tile & Stone Saw is exceptionally well built, it also very lightweight, weighing only 82 lbs. Included is a stand that also has a built in wheelkit, making the IMER Combi extra easy to transport and maneuver around the jobsite. As an added feature, a full length accessory side table is included for free. The side table helps to support those extra large pieces of material, preventing chipping and breaking.

The IMER Combicut 250VA/1000 is a finely crafted saw that combines powerful and versatile cutting features with strength and reliability to create a saw contractors have come to love.

  • Aircraft quality cast aluminum materials make for a rigid and light weight saw which will maintain its finish for years to come.
  • The extruded aluminum travel bar design provides a smooth and accurate cut. Maintenance is minimal, just spray n’ wipe with WD-40.
  • The cast aluminum construction of the IMER Combicut 250VA/1000 frame structure ensures a rigid, yet light weight saw. Out of the box it can cut tile or stone to within 1/32", the best in the business!
  • Plunge cuts are smooth and precise as the cast aluminum cutting head pivots on a sealed bushing. ‘L’ cuts for door jams are now quick n’ simple.
  • The stand is like the saw, very light and very stable.
  • IMER Combicut 250VA/1000 is easy to move around the jobsite. And it folds in two in seconds to load it up or put it away quickly.
  • A laser cutting guide now comes standard with every IMER Combicut 250VA/1000. Mark the line of your cut on the material, line it up with the laser, and go.
  • Blade diameter 10"
  • Blade shaft diameter 5/8"
  • Max cutting length (w/plunge cut) 37" (40")
  • Max cutting depth 90/45 degrees 2 1/2", 1 1/4 "
  • Motor rating 1.75 h.p. 110 v, 15amp
  • Blade speed 2,800 r.p.m.
  • Weight (boxed) 82 (95) lbs., very lite
    Water pan capacity 12 gal.
  • Water pump flow 3 g.p.m. Noise level 78 db(A)
  • Manufacturer Part # 1188174